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Bill Lindhout


 DOB : 01/27/1954


I have been racing for Cross Country Cycle for many years. Even though I live in Grand Rapids and they are located in Holland. To me it's well worth the trip as I really enjoy the friendly family atmosphere, the community and bike event support they give...Plus they all ride and race...Few other shops can match that!

My racing days started in 1987 at Cannonsburg ski area. I was so slow that they were taking down the flags and banners when I finished and the only people left were my mom and dad...they still cheered!

See you on the trail!


At this age my really fast days are few and far between, but I still love to stay fit, have fun riding for CCC and sharing the excitement and good sportsmanship of MTB racing.





Race Results


2011 2010 2009 2008

I raced pando
fort cus TT
fort cus lap
Yankee TT
Hanson hills
peak to peak

1st place MMBA CPS Series!

Yankee Springs TT--1st
Fort Custer Stampede--2nd
Hansen Hills--3th
Addison Oaks--3rd
Pando Challenge--4th Owasippie TT 4th
Ft Custer TT 4th

Ore to Sore






2007 2006 2005

3rd Place-- MMBA Series

3rd place -- Tailwind time trail series

2nd Place-- MMBA Point Series Sport Men 50+

1st place ---Tailwind TT series

 1st Place--MMBA Point

Yankee Springs--2nd Place
Fort Custer--2nd

2nd place---Tailwind time trail series


2004 2003 2002-prev

MMBA CPS--1st Place
Yankee Springs--1st
Fort Custer--1st
Hanson Hills--1st
Whiskey Creek--1st CC
Big M--3rd
Fort Custer TT--1st

Fun Promotion Series --1st place
Taiwind TT --1st place

MMBA Point Series Sport 2nd Place
(by only 2 points!)

Yankee Springs--1st Place
Cannonsburg-- 2nd Place
Fort Custer Stampede--1st Place
Addison Oaks--3rd Place

THE ICEMAN--6th place in sport class in 1999
12th in expert in 2000
15th in expert in 2001
20th in 2002

MMBA Mountain bike series -
3rd place in the 1999
1st place in 2000
1st place in 2001 with six first places,
place in 2002 with 4 first places,

Bill at 2007 Ore to Shore