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Justin Faber

Class: Expert 19-29

DOB: 9/23/1988

Goals For 2012: Top 3 in the USAC Series

I've been riding as long as I could walk and I've been competing since 12 years old. I mostly stick to mountain biking, but I'll do a road race every once in a great while. I used to work full time at Cross Country Cycle and I'm currently a student at the University of Michigan majoring in mechanical engineering. I didn't race as much as I would have liked to last year, but I'm looking forward to getting back into it for the 2012 season.




2007 Race Results

4th Place Expert 19-29 in the Michigan USAC Series

Pontiac TT--5th
Brighton Stage Race--3rd
Bloomer Park--3rd
Ruby Campground--4th

2006 Race Results

1st Place Sport 15-18 in the Michigan NORBA Series

Whiskey Creek Stage Race--1st
Pontiac Time Trial--2nd
Bloomer Park--3rd
Ruby Campground--2nd
Pontiac XC--1st
Stoney Creek XC--2nd

2005 Race Results

4/17/2005 Yankee Springs--8th
5/7/2005 T.K. Lawless--2nd
5/22/2005 Pontiac Lake--9th
6/11-12/2005 Whiskey Creek--2nd
7/17/2005 Ruby Campground--2nd
8/7/2005  Big M--4th

9/11/2005  Pontiac Lake XC--4th

Ford/Norba Mountain bike series--2nd place

2004 Results

Yankee Springs: 5th Place, 1:00:13, Sport 15-19

Ionia TT: 1st Place , 55:44

Lawless TT: 5rd Place

Fort Custer TT: 4th Place in a time of 1:12:20

Tailwind Time Trial Series: 4th Overall in Sport 15-19