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Victory Harris


Name:  Victory Harris

Class:  Sport Women's 15-29

DOB:  7/29/1997

Major Accomplishment:  Finishing the 2010 Iceman in the snow and getting 4th place, cutting 25 minutes off my 2010 Iceman time in 2011

Goal for 2012:  Compete and Place in the Michigan USAC and MMBA Series and finish Iceman strong



Race Results


1st Place Michigan USAC Series

- 1st place in all races.

7th place Iceman Cometh MYC Scholarship race


1st Place Michigan USAC Series

  • Pontiac Lake-1st
  • Brighton XC-1st
  • Big M-1st
  • Stoney Creek Marathon-1st

4th Place Iceman Cometh MYC Scholarship Race


1st Place Michigan USAC series


2nd Place Michigan USAC Series

  • Bloomer Park-2nd
  • Brighton Stage Race-1st
  • Stoney Marathon-2nd
  • Big M-1st
  • Pontiac Lake-2nd
  • Stoney Creek XC-2nd


Big M--1st
Stoney Creek--2nd


6/11/2006  Bloomer Park XC--3rd Place


8/6/2005  Big M--1st place
8/14/05  Stony Creek XC--5th place
9/11/05  Pontiac Lake XC--3rd place
Ford Mountain bike Series-- 3rd Place