Exustar E-PM211 Clipless MTB Pedal

Exustar E-PM211 Clipless MTB Pedal
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The E-PM211 Clipless MTB Pedal by Exustar features an alloy body with a CrMo axle and a dual-sided CrMo binding. It also features a liquid painting-coated surface treatment and fully adjustable binding tension. They're designed for the E-C05 cleats and weigh only 176 grams each.

- Rigid die-cast aluminum alloy body sized 82 x 65 mm
- Dual-sided CrMo binding and CrMo axle
- Ball bearings
- Fully-adjustable binding tension

Cycling shoe cleat location
SPD Cycling shoe cleat location


SPD-SL/Look cycling shoe cleat location


Speedplay cycling shoe cleat location


SPD/2-Bolt Cleats are most commonly found on Mountain Bike shoes. Look/SPD-SL/3-Bolt Cleats are most commonly found on Road Bike shoes.

Cleats are sold separately or with pedals. Be sure your shoes feature the correct bolt pattern.