Polar CS600X

Polar CS600X
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Polar's CS600X is the ultimate computer for riders who demand the most from their workouts. This informative powerhouse includes an altimeter that measures cumulative ascents and descents, interval timers and an interval measurement that records low-intensity fitness rate as well as resting rates. There are also visual and audible alarms that alert you when you've reached cadence-based or heart-rate based target zones. Plus, you can view your current, average and max speeds via the wireless speed sensor, estimated time of arrival, and have guided interval training with recovery measurements. And, you can transfer your data wirelessly to your PC, then plan, analyze and dial in your training with Polar's ProTrainer 5 software!

-Wireless ECG-accurate heart rate
-Heart rate (displayed as bpm)
-Heart rate (displayed as % of maximum heart rate)
-Heart rate (displayed as % of heart rate reserve)
-Heart rate (displayed as graphical trend)
-Automatic/Manual target zone (% / bpm)
-HeartTouch button-free operation of wrist unit
-Visual and audible alarm in target zones (3 cadence-based zones and 3 heart-rate based zones)
-Graphical target zone indicator
-Exercise Set (extended exercise profiles)
-Number of exercise files with summaries (99)
-Auto start/stop
-Polar OwnZone: personal exercise session feature
-Polar OwnCal: tracks calories burned
-Polar OwnCode:personal transmission feature
-Polar OwnOptimizer: personal training status
-Polar Fitness Test with OwnIndex
-Polar sport zones
-Polar ZoneLock
-Polar ZonePointer: indicates when a pre-set target zone has been reached
-Maximum heart rate (of total exercise and of each lap)
-Average heart rate (of total exercise and of each lap)
-Minimum heart rate of total exercise
-Automatic lap recording (99 laps)
-Exercise date
-SonicLink: data transfer to web (requires PC w/sound card and microphone)
-Trip time
-Trip distance
-R-R intervals: relaxation rate measurement and low-intensity measurement
-Interval timers
-Distance-based interval guidance
-Distance-based recovery measurement
-Altitude, ascent and descent
-Odometer (1/2 and total)
-Speed (current, average and max)
-Wheel size settings for three bicycles
-Bike mount
-Wireless speed sensor
-Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)
-Graphical comparison of heart rate and speed
-Calorie consumption (rate/km; rate/hour)
-Calorie expenditure
-Easy start (setting wizard)
-Speed Pointer
-Automatic display scroll
-Multifunctional handlebar/stem installation
-Speed sensor installation for different fork shapes
-Time in target zone
-Target zone limits
-Weekly history
-Water resistant (splash proof)
-Alarm with snooze
-Dual time zone
-Exercise reminder (visual/alarm)
-Display zoom
-Time of day (12/24h)
-Date and weekday indicator
-Low-battery indicator
-User-replaceable battery
-Compatible with Polar ProTrainer 5 software

Part Numbers

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