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COVID 19 Response and restrictions:

Impact on Bike Shops for "Stay Home" Order

We've received guidance for now on Governor Whitmer's Executive Order 2020-24 as it relates to bicycle shops:

'The order will require people to wear homemade, non-medical grade face coverings when they enter enclosed public spaces. It will also require employers to provide at least cloth face coverings to their employees. People won’t have to wear face coverings when they’re taking a walk in the neighborhood, but when they go to the grocery store, they should be wearing one. Under the order, however, no one will be subject to criminal penalty for going without a mask. 


The new executive order will also allow some workers who perform very previously suspended activities to go back on the job. Landscapers, lawn-service companies, and nurseries can return to work, subject to strict social distancing. Retailers to that do not sell necessary supplies may reopen for curbside pick-up and for delivery. Big box stores can reopen “closed areas,” like garden centers. And bike repair and maintenance can come back online.'

Updated 4/24/2020:

At Cross Country Cycle, this is how we will be responding. is open for business.   All customers can wear a face mask if preferred (please let us know if you prefer us to wear a mask) and maintain social distancing in the store.  We are looking forward to seeing you!