COVID 19 Response and restrictions:

Impact on Bike Shops for "Stay Home" Order

We've received guidance for now on Governor Whitmer's Executive Order 2020-21 as it relates to bicycle shops:

Q: Are bicycle shop employees considered critical infrastructure for purposes of Executive Order 2020-21?

A: In general, no. Workers at bicycle repair shops can be designated as critical infrastructure workers only if they provide maintenance for bicycles that other critical infrastructure workers use to get to their jobs. We expect that this condition will be satisfied very rarely.

Updated 3/27/2020:

At Cross Country Cycle, this is how we will be responding. is open for business.  Online businesses are allowed to continue without interruption. We plan to make daily deliveries for local phone and internet purchases.  Our building is CLOSED.  We will be making appointments for TRANSPORTATION EMERGENCY REPAIR and PURCHASES only.  Please call 616-396-7491 Monday-Saturday 11-5 or email for an appointment.