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Why should I hire a coach?

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Can you imagine how different your school sports experience would have been without that coach directing you and correcting you? Of course not. So why should you expect to develop in your cycling discipline without someone to lead you in your goals.

Coach Brian Harris


Coach Brian Harris
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Coach Brian Harris

Brian Harris of Cross Country Cycle Coaching has a passion for helping others find the joy in competing to the level of their choice.

"In 1996 as a newlywed, I headed to my first race at Ruby Campground. (Anyone who has raced there knows how crazy that was.)  I was hooked.  I have been in the top 4 in all Michigan series I have competed in all but 2 years."  Check out Brian's Team Page by clicking here.

Harris uses his education, testing tools, as well as years of racing experience to train clients mentally as well as physically.  Brian has coached  his clients to 4 Michigan Time Trial Series Championships, 5 Michigan USAC Championships, 2 MMBA State Championships, 1 MCS State Champtionship, and 2 National Championships.

Coaching Packages

Coaching Packages

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Coaching Packages    


Customized Plans-  Day by day workout plan that incorporates your specific needs and goals.

  • $180 for 3 months
  • $300 for 6 months
  • $500 for a full year
More Options

Lactate Threshold and Wattage Approximation Test:  $90.00-Test to exhaustion—no needles involved.

Please contact Coach Brian Harris at .