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Professional Bike Fitting

Why professional bicycle fitting?

Cycling is a sport of repetition.  A cadence of 90 revolutions per minute is roughly 5000 revolutions per hour.  A six hour century would require 30,000 pedal revolutions.  Obviously the positioning on the bike must be as optimized as possible to prevent repetitive use injuries, and this is why a precision fit is a must for even casual cyclists.

Basic Sizing

cost per bicycle

  • Dynamic Saddle Height
  • Dynamic Saddle Fore/Aft
  • Dynamic Handlebar Positioning

Retul 3D motion capture fit

$250.00 (+$50 additional for aerobar equipped bicycle)
2nd Bicycle-$100 additional

  • Retul Motion capture
  • Advanced Flexibility Assessment
  • Advanced Structural Assessment
  • Cleat Adjustment
  • Footbed Fitting
  • Hip/Knee/Foot Alignment
  • Handlebar Width and Drop Assessment
  • Other adjustments as needed

Our Fitting Staff

Laura Harris--Laura has been fitting people to their bicycles since starting at Cross Country Cycle in 1988.  After much trial and error (including her own fit) she found the Original Fit Kit and used that as a fitting tool until Specialized began their training program using Dr. Andy Pruitt's theory of fitting.  In 2008 she became an Advanced Fitter through the Body Geometry Training.  2011 was the year she successfully completed testing for Body Geometry Certification.  She enjoys returning to SBCU to teach Body Geometry Fit.  Cross Country Cycle purchased the Retul Vantage motion capture tool and Laura went to Retul headquarters in Boulder, CO in 2016 to master the tool and fitting techniques.

Victory Harris-Body Geometry Fitting Level 1 class in 2016 and Retul Fit level 2 in 2018. Victory enjoys fitting both mountain and road bikes.

Brian Harris--Body Geometry Certified fitter, also our USA Cycling Certified Coach.  Please click here to learn more about Coaching.  Brian has raced for Cross Country Cycle since the inception of our race team.  Brian no longer is at Cross Country Cycle full time but continues to coach, fit, and race with Cross Country Cycle.  Please call or email Brian to make an appointment with him.


Brett Lubben, Holland, MI

Super stoked to have the road bike finally set up the right way! Even if you suffer from the "normal" pains that are "just part of riding a bike"(lol nope) or straight up severe discomfort, a 3D fit from Victory Harris may be the best money you ever spend. Like ever.

(taken from a post on 

Professional bike fitting...I had one of these done today at Cross Country Cycle. What a fantastic experience!! I learned so much about fit and what it does for you, and what I was doing wrong and didn't even realize it. Fit affects your power, efficiency, comfort overall and overall physical well-being much more than I knew. Laura is a professional and really knows her stuff. This is the time of year to have something like this done, if you are on the West side somewhere I would suggest having Laura do a fitting, contact Brian or Laura. If it's too far to drive, check out the possibilities for professional fit where you live. It is a wise investment.........
I forgot to mention cramping can also be attributed to poor fit.....

Neil Sharphorn,  Grand Rapids, MI

(taken from a post on Laura and Brian did a professional fit with me in 2006 and I had a great experience. Its amazing how much easier the bike is to handle when it fits you properly. Also my lower back isn't screaming at me anymore after multi hour rides. Even if you aren't in the area I would highly recommend having Cross Country Cycle do a professional bike fit with you, if you like to ride a bike it is money well spent!

Ryan Schultz,  Grand Junction, CO

hey Laura
hey want to thank you for that great fit on my mountain bike, i think it really paid off at Yankee, i could really feel the difference in my leg angle on the pedal, and the cleat placement was a lot more solid for the power transfer to the pedal
you rock!

Laura fits the press...

Laura was invited to the press launch for the 2009 Specialized bicycles in order to assist in fitting the press.  Below is the article taken from written by one of the reporters that Laura had the opportunity to fit.  

July 02, 2008
Specialized '09 Road Intro
Look Out, Road Tubeless Is On The Way
By Mike Cushionbury

Specialized's '09 intro started at the Morgan Hill, California facility and included a 36-mile ride from there to the coastal town of Santa Cruz by way of a 6-mile dirt road climb. It was a great way to initially shake down some of the new bikes on tap for next year.
Specialized's stunning Tarmac SL was the bike to have for Friday's 105-mile day, which included a 13-mile climb
Upon arrival to Morgan Hill testers were given a full bike fit by members of Specialized's special BG FIT Technician team. Each member, above their current specialization in bike fitting, attended a three-day in-house fit school at Specialized Bicycle Components University (SBCU). The now legendary Dr. Andy Pruitt, director of the Boulder, Colorado Center for Sports Medicine was on tap for the whole trip and he developed the program with these four ideals:

  • The fitter is the tool
  • You must fit the bike to the ride
  • Focus on improving bio-mechanics
  • Make the fit as neutral as possible

Specialized wants to be considered a full fit resource focusing on bikes, components, equipment and education with a philosophy of understanding bike fit and making it fit broadly because (as we all know) "increased comfort equals increased performance." Tools used include a four position stem, slim shims, hear tube adjusters and even special ergo-shallow bars if needed.

During my session, a serious leg length discrepancy was found and corrected by way of a new cleat position, Specialized shoes, new sole inserts as well as a pair if shims under the soles. During the three days of riding (and subsequent days at home) my corrected position has eliminated slight foot pain as well as the hip and lower back pain I'd learned to accept as normal for putting in high mileage. Though the saddle and bar position was too "neutral" for my personal riding style, it could easily be adjusted with a longer session. But because the main focus was my funky leg the overall fit was a smashing success. Afterward, a video was shot so I could watch my new position and how it vastly improved pedal stroke and power output and I left with a computer memory stick containing all the information and the video. Specialized BG FIT technicians are available through your local Specialized dealer.