Specialized Langster

5.0 stars
 (7 Reviews)
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Specialized's Langster is built with a lightweight, responsive A1 Premium aluminum frame and FACT carbon fork with track geometry so you can race it in the velodrome or rip it in the streets. The 48/17 one-speed gearing with a flip-flop rear hub is ideal for training, riding around town and even commuting. Dual-pivot brakes are included because sometimes you need to stop quickly, and the aluminum Specialized components mean you'll enjoy this sweet machine for years to come.

Consumer Reviews

5.0 stars

(7 reviews)

85% of respondents would recommend this to a friend.


  • Lightweight  (7)
  • Handles Well  (5)
  • Responsive  (5)
  • Comfortable  (5)
  • Fast  (4)
  • Good Geometry  (4)


  • Brakes Could Be Better  (3)
  • Cost 

Best Uses

  • Commuting  (6)
  • Exercising  (5)
  • Casual Riding  (4)
  • Serious Training  (2)
  • Serious Racing or Training 
  • Fun 

Mar 17, 2010

Favorate bike!

Responsive, Lightweight, Fast, Handles Well, Comfortable, Good Geometry
Brakes Could Be Better
Best Uses:
Serious Training, Exercising
This is my favorite hammer bike after work. My 09 has 4000 mi. on it. 35 to 50 mi. with hills to climb. With a set of Verdstien SE tires (blue) at 130 lbs. this bike is very fast. In 4000 mi. all I have done was change tires, and have the rims re-trued at a 1000. I have 2 Cannondale geared bikes, but this is my favorite for a work out!
by shibaman from Elk Grove

Mar 12, 2010

09 langster las vegas

Lightweight, Fast, Comfortable, Handles Well, Good Geometry, Responsive
Best Uses:
Commuting, Casual Riding, Exercising
I've owned and have been riding my Langster for a year and have racked up about 6,000 miles of commute and recreation riding. I love everything about the bike, I ride fixed gear and changed to a 46 tooth chainring and 15 tooth fixed cog to speed up my commute. The Mondo tires are excellent and lasted over 4,000 miles before succumbing to glass and metal chards. I replaced them with new white colored Mondos. The stock rear wheel was swapped out with a Velocity "suites" wheel (had to remove the rear brake) and the bike gets lots of compliments and attention. I would definitely recommend this bike to commuters or recreational riders who live in areas with flat places to ride.
by mountain goat from Sacramento

Nov 30, 2009

All It's Cracked Up to Be, and More

Lightweight, Fast, Handles Well, Good Geometry, Responsive
Best Uses:
Casual Riding, Exercising, Commuting, Serious Training
While the 2010 steel, retro version of the Langster is an attempt to capture the hipster and wanna-be hipster market, the basic aluminum Langster (including the 2009 version I have, and the 2010 model) charts its own course, offering up the modern look, feel and performance of a compact road frame. The Langster is a terrific bike, well spec'ed except perhaps for the tires - but then, the Mondo Sports help keep the cost down. (I've replaced them with the excellent Specialized All Condition Armadillo Elites. The All Condition Pro IIs are almost as good at flat protection, lighter, and less expensive). The 2010 model slightly downgrades some of the components (saddle and seat post, e.g.) from the 2009 model, but the bike is still a winner. The threadless stem allows a good deal of choice, from comfort to aero positions. The alu frame, carbon forks, and most of the components make this a fairly light weight bike - mine weighs in well under 20 lbs (including Eggbeater SL pedals). Along with its rode bike geometry, the low weight means this is a nimble, performance-oriented bike. Standard gearing - 42x16 - found on similarly spec'ed bikes works well for reasonably flat city streets. Strong riders not afraid of hills, and/or those who like to ride with roadies, would want higher gearing. The flip-flop hub means the bike can be easily switched between SS and FG. Like many things in life, the Langster, a one-geared wonder, proves that less is sometimes more.
by icyclist from Los Angeles, CA

Nov 22, 2009

I own a 2008, same but for color

Good Geometry, Fast, Handles Well, Comfortable, Responsive, Lightweight
Cost, Brakes Could Be Better
Best Uses:
Fun, Exercising, Commuting
I own 8 bikes. I absolutely love this bike. But, like all single speeds, it cost a bit too much for what it is. However, I am glad I bought mine. I ride it for fun, exercise, and to get to work. Very light weight, fast, and handles well. I have 4 single speed bikes for various uses--road, cross, mountain bike, retro bike. This one is great. However, the Mondo tires are absolutely junk. These are the worst tires for flat protection I have ever owned. If you buy a Langster, get the dealer to install you different tires before you leave the shop.
by Peatbog from Massillon, Ohio

Jun 07, 2009

so far, so great

Responsive, Handles Well, Lightweight
Brakes Could Be Better
Best Uses:
Exercising, Commuting
I've only been riding the bike for about two weeks now. Due to that I cant say much about the bike durability but I will say on my second ride I got a flat, I'd def recommend upgrading the stock tires. But I love the bike for what I need it to be. I use it for commuting and general transportation along with casual weekend type fitness training. SOOOOOO ULTRA LITE. its so lite its a joke. It handles extremely well and I love the feel of the carbon fork. The brakes are fine but they could have a little more of a bite. the stock saddle is legit and simple which is what the bike is about. stock pedals are cheap plastic junk sswap them for proper track pedals, I put some solid platforms on mine and I love them. great fast comfortable simple ride. but if your doing street riding in a city that dosent have perfectly paved roads defffff uprgrade to better tires PUT SOME KEVLAR ON THOSE [*]
by NY NR from New York, NY

May 18, 2007

Just a Great Ride.

Lightweight, Versatile, Comfortable, Durable
Best Uses:
Casual Riding, Commuting, Serious Racing or Training
I bought my Langster to turn a fast buck. It had run into the back of a car—yeah, they're that fast—and had a really bent fork. I put on a new carbon fiber fork, like the new Langsters have, and suddenly I had my new favorite bike. Sure I could sell it and make a fast [$] bucks. But it's not for sale. I'll take a fast bike over a fast buck any time.
by MF from Redwood City, CA

Apr 20, 2007

Undisputed Comutter King

Durable, Lightweight, Versatile, Comfortable
Best Uses:
Commuting, Casual Riding
Langster is a fun bike with all the essentials for commuting or intro to track racing. Solid commuter, with cool graphics. Flip flop hub in case you have the guts to try fixy riding. great extras like carbon seatpost and nice wheels. I really like this bike
by LeFrog from Boulder,CO


Specialized A1 Premium Aluminum, Track Geometry, fully-manipulated tubing, compact design, integrated headset
Specialized FACT carbon fiber
Axis Sport Track
Specialized Espoir Sport w/double BlackBelt protection, 700 x 25c
Aluminum 144mm BCD
Rear Cog(s)
Specialized Langster Comp, short drop
Specialized S-Wrap
Specialized, 3D forged alloy
Tektro, caliper
Specialized Body Geometry Toupé Sport, 143mm
Seat Post
Aluminum 27.2mm